Requirements and guidelines

Required information

Before you start entering details into ATDW-Online, please ensure that you have:

  • A main description of your business or event between 50 and 200 words that follows the listing guidelines below and sells your offering without including dates, times, addresses, costs, URLs, phone numbers or email addresses
  • Between one and ten photos, at least 2048 pixels wide x 1536 pixels high to appear against your listing
  • Portrait sized photos, logos or photos containing text will not meet National Guidelines and won't be accepted
  • Information such as tariffs, facilities, activities and contact details
  • Read the listing guidelines below

Restaurants will also need service times, cuisine types, opening hours and a price range for main courses.

Listing guidelines

Please ensure that your business or event description follows these guidelines:


  • Main point in the first 25 - 30 words, including your business or event name
  • Short sentences. These are quicker to read online. Aim for 10 words or less with one main idea per sentence
  • 50 to 200 words, i.e. 5-20 main points
  • Benefits and points of difference of staying at or visiting your offering. How are you enriching a visitor's stay in the capital?
  • References to authentic Australian experiences to encourage international visitation
  • ‘Personalised’ text e.g. ’You’ll enjoy the vibrancy and colour of this exhibition’, rather than  ‘This exhibition is colourful and vibrant’
  • A few key search terms e.g. if your event is a rugby game, ensure you use the word rugby
  • Doing words e.g. Experience... Laugh....Watch the ... Discover ...
  • Full names. Most visitors won’t understand abbreviations or acronyms
  • Correct spelling and accuracy. Please double check all information before submitting
  • Information about multicultural catering options if available
  • Information about facilities which cater for specific cultural or religious practices


  • Italics, bold, ampersands (&), URLs or hypertext. The database can’t reproduce these
  • Titles or words in capital letters; these are the online equivalent of shouting
  • Referring to I, we or our. Those phrases are only relevant on your website
  • A broad statement that can’t be proven e.g. this is the best hotel in Canberra/Australia
  • References to the location - this information appears elsewhere

Please contact the Digital Database Coordinator if you have any questions.

Contact details:

Cherie Glanville, Digital Database Coordinator (Monday to Thursday)
P: 02 6205 0029